How would you describe 360Giving?

360 Giving is a partnership movement that encourages and supports UK grant makers and philanthropists to publish their grant information online in an easy to use way.  We are motivated by a desire to make more strategic funding decisions and to unlock the value of using open funding data to do this. 360giving focuses on supporting funders to take the first step to publishing data online in open formats and will demonstrate the current and future benefits of doing this. The www.threesixtygiving.com website provides more information about publishing your funding data openly, and gives organisations a simple way of taking part by signing up to the 360pledge.


What is the 360giving pledge?

We wanted to get as many organisations as possible signed up to taking the very first step of publishing data in an open format which is why we created the pledging campaign.  More data contributed means more valuable information for the sector, We want funders to pledge to share grant data online in open formats. Its as simple as that.

The pledging campaign will encourage more funders to share more of their funding data in open formats so that better decisions can be taken at a time when resources are scarce. An important first step is to publish this data in what is called an ‘open’ format. This means that computers can read and combine/compare data across many different sources to reveal new information.

How do I take the pledge?

Taking the pledge is easy! It is simply making a public commitment to publishing grants data in an open format (meaning that computers can use and combine this information automatically). You can customize the pledge to suit your own organisation. It is just the first step on a journey that could take you in many directions. If you wish to take the pledge, your name or organisation’s name will be displayed on the site, we will also give you access to events and support to get going.

  •  Step One

Define and gather the information you intend to publish.

Identify who the data release will affect in your organisation and talk to them

  • Step Two

Check through the information to ‘clean’ the data in a spreadsheet before it is published

  • Step Three
  • Publish your data on your website in a .csv format (This looks almost exactly like excel, but can be read automatically by computers)

Who runs the 360giving pledge?

The project was originally founded by The Indigo Trust as a way to contribute to the funding debate and is now being run with founding partners Nesta and Nominet. Nesta currently provide the main point of contact for the project.

What is the 360 data  Standard?

Publishing data in a standard form makes it much easier to use.   We have produced a prototype ’360 degree giving data standard’ for publishing UK grant data. At the simplest level, this helps you work out what column headings to put on your spreadsheet and what to put into them.   So for example, when two grant makers publish data to the 360 giving standard they use the same column for the date, which is formatted the same way and you know whether it is a start or an end date.

Data scientist Tim Davies produced the standard for us. He has created the standard that is easy to get started with but allows for more sophistication when needed.

The good news for data experts is that the prototype standard will read across to existing data standards such as IATI and the Foundation Center and emerging ‘domestic’ Canadian standards.

Who is using the 360Standard to publish data?

Nobody is yet as it is being tested live by IndigoTrust using their own dataset. We believe that taking the first step of just putting information online in an open format is the most important and that is why we created the pledge initiative. Ensuring future usefulness of the data and following the 360Standard is a second step.

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