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360giving hopes to give people confidence to publish and talk about their data openly. A common question we get asked is: ‘What does this data look like and is it hard to publish?’ A good start is to look at what data others are publishing.  

Below are some examples of data published by UK grant-makers we have worked with.  There are also data sets from UK grant-makers that we have trawled from the web.  We link below to spreadsheets containing over 200,000 UK grants, worth over £15 billion (we update these totals only periodically).

You can see that publication at this basic level isn’t rocket science – it’s simply spreadsheets of grants put up on a website that are easy to comprehend when you download them. 

data screen grab

Much of the data we link to below is a first step on an open data journey.  As grant makers progress they can add value by including useful geographic and administrative information – such as the address to which the grant was made,  the company or charity number of the recipient and any evaluations they may have of grants.

As the three sixty degree giving standard for grant data develops, then grant makers can update their publication to meet this standard.  This then allows people to connect data between grant-makers and build a bigger picture of the UK grant-making scene.  We believe that this better information will reduce the barriers to grant making.

If you know of any more UK grant-makers publishing their data online let us know.  As we gather more open data from grant makers we shall want to put links to it in a proper repository such as CKAN.

Who is publishing grant data in open formats?

BIG Lottery

BIG is the UK’s biggest grant maker. We were delighted to help their officers publish a substantial data set of over 100,000 grants to over 80,000 recipients worth over £5 billion over nearly 10 years.  There is an accessible write-up of the data set (with pictures)  by Ian Hopkinson.


Nesta is the UK’s innovation charity. They are funded largely by a lottery endowment and have a small grant making programme. We were pleased to work with them on publication of their recent grants.


Nominet Trust funds internet-based projects that make a positive difference to the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable people, putting to good use surplus from the administration of the .uk domains. Nominet Trust’s  involvement in this campaign led to publication of their grants. There’s a good blog post, their data published here.

We have also found published:

Wellcome Trust

Wellcome Trust supports research of the highest quality and is one of the UK’s biggest grant makers.  Its website reveals spreadsheets of grants made going back to 2001. In year 2011-2012 this included 1,000 grants worth in total over £470 million. The vast majority of Wellcome’s grants appear to be to institutions and the location is given by city and institution name. Company numbers are not published.

Arts Council England

ACE publishes its data Grants for the Arts and other schemes on, though it’s hard to find from their website. It’s a data set of thousands of thousands of grants going back to 2003-2004

Sport England

Sport England publish their grants on their website and on The lists goes back to 2009.

Arts Council Wales

Arts Council Wales offers its grants back to 2005 as a download if you enter a blank search into their online database.  We present it as a spreadsheet to download here  Arts Council Wales Funded Projects Download 24 feb 2014 but note that some of the project descriptions have been truncated.  An FOI request has been submitted to obtain better data.  Arts Council Wales has since published some 5,500 grants since 2005 worth about £250m

Sport Northern Ireland

Sport Northern Ireland is the leading public body for the development of sport in Northern Ireland.  Its corporate vision is to promote “a culture of lifelong enjoyment and success in sport which contributes to a healthy, fair and prosperous society”. Sport NI has published some 1,700 grants dating back to 2008/2009. Commendably, Sport NI has filtered out personal information (their Athlete Support Programme) and published full addresses of corporate grantees.


The Department for Social Development in Northern Ireland has published some 19,000 grants from 2009-10 to 2013-14 across a full range of its activities totaling some £1.4 billion.

Sports Wales

Sports Council Wales has published some 10,000 grants from 2009 totaling over £110 million.

Creative Scotland

Creative Scotland has published some 5,000 grants over the last five years worth about £350 m


Technology Strategy Board is a government innovation funder – it publishes a spreadsheet of its expenditure which is mainly grants going back to 2006, some 12,000 grants worth £2.1 billion.

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